All kits include #48 silk gauze, #10 crewel needle, recommended DMC embroidery floss, instructions, and framing instructions.

1. Heritage Alphabet Samplers stitch count price
I. Adaptation of an 1808 Maine sampler 67(w )x 71(h) $12.00
II. Adaptation of an 1821 NY sampler 59(w) x 69(h) $12.00
III. Adaptation of a 1746 RI sampler 65(w) x 89(h) $12.00
IV. Adaptation of a 1760 Mass. sampler 67(w) x 79(h) $12.00
V. Adaptation of an 1825 Mass. sampler 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
VI. Adaptation of a 1789 RI sampler 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
VII. Adaptation of a 1799 NH sampler 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
VIII. Adaptation of a 1690 English band sampler 41(w) x 81(h) $12.00
IX. Adaptation of a 1791 Conn. sampler 79(w) x 75(h) $12.00
X. Adaptation of an 1806 Penn. sampler 69(w) x 81(h) $12.00
XI. Adaptation of an 1822 NH sampler 79(w) x 59(h) $12.00
XII. Adaptation of a 1783 Mass. sampler 79(w) x 75(h) $12.00
XIII. Adaptation of a 1786 NJ sampler 67(w) x 79(h) $12.00
XIV. Adaptation of a 1750 Mass. sampler 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
XV. Adaptation of a 1770 Mass. sampler 69(w) x 81(h) $12.00
XVI. Adaptation of a 1800 NH sampler 69(w) x 84(h) $12.00
XVII. Adaptation of a 1741 English sampler 65(w) x 81(h) $12.00
XVIII. Adaptation of a c.1780 Conn. sampler 67(w) x 79(h) $12.00
XIX. Adaptation of a 1790 Delaware sampler 67 (w) x 79(h) $12.00
XX. Adaptation of a c. 1785 Scottish sampler 65(w) x 85(h) $12.00
2. Colonial Alphabet Sampler 67(w) x 71(h) $12.00
3. Home Sweet Home 65(w) x 47(h) $12.00
4. Victorian Alphabet Sampler 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
5. Welcome 71(w) x 29(h) $12.00
6. Welcome Friends 65(w) x 77(h) $12.00
1. 18th-century Floral
(design for firescreen or pillow)
51(w) x 53(h) $12.00
2. 18th-century English Seat Cover repeat pattern $12.00
3. Victorian Gothic Seat Cover repeat pattern $12.00
4. Shepherd & Shepherdess
(design for firescreen or pillow)
57(w) x 55(h) $12.00
5. Tree of Life Seat Cover 71(w) x 51(h) $12.00

Carnations 'N Crewel
(design for a footstool or pillow)

57(w) x 43(h) $12.00
7. Garden Delights (design for a corner chair) 75(w) x 87(h) $12.00

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