All kits include #48 silk gauze, #10 crewel needle, recommended DMC embroidery floss, chart, instructions, and framing instructions.


Heritage I

Heritage II

Heritage III

Heritage IV

Heritage V

Heritage VI

Heritage VII

Heritage VIII

Heritage IX

Heritage X

Heritage XI

Heritage XII

Heritage XIII

Heritage XIV

Heritage XV

Heritage XVI

Heritage XVII

Heritage XVIII

Heritage XIX

Heritage XX


2. Colonial Alphabet

3. Home Sweet Home

4. Victorian Alphabet

5. Welcome

6. Welcome Friends


1. 18th-c. Floral

2. 18th-c. English Seat Cover

3. Victorian Gothic Seat Cover

4. Shepherd & Shepherdess

5. Tree of Life Seat Cover

6. Carnations 'N Crewel (design for a footstool or pillow)

7. Garden Delights
(design for a corner chair)



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