Annelle Ferguson's book, Traditional Needlework in Miniature, published by Scott Advertising and Publishing, is now out of print.

Needlework has been an avid avocation for thousands of years, produced in every European country before coming to America. Needlework styles and designs experienced the same transitions, as did furniture and costumes throughout the centuries.

The text will provide the reader with historical facts about the changing styles and techniques in needlework. The collector can use the knowledge to correctly use the proper style of needlework in their period rooms. Each chapter contains an overview of a particular century and will include interpretative adaptations of popular designs from that century.

Over 50 patterns are provided by the following needlework design artists: Sue Bakker, Anne Chauvin, Barbara Cosgrove, Ann Crompton, Martha (Stubby) Crowe, Clarice Elder, Annelle Ferguson, Sharon Garmize, Shirlee Greenberg, Jessie Harrison, Lucy Iducovich, Rosemary Conway-Jones, Judith Kaelin, Judith Ohanian, Esther Robertson, Bobbie Schoonmaker, Erma Scrimgeour, Susan Sirkis, Nancy Sturgeon, Pat Tulski, Duffy Wineman, and Cookie Ziembia.

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